• About Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru

    A former executive at Oceanic Bank International, Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru is the youngest daughter of renowned Nigerian entrepreneur Chief Michael Ibru. Since 2001, Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru has worked in the upstream petroleum industry, international banking, and in the port services industry. She holds both a masters in petroleum engineering and a masters in metals and energy finance from Imperial College London. Since 2009, she has been the executive director of Destiny Dredgers International Ltd., a Nigerian port services company.

    Edesri ‘Tejiro’ Ibru learned the theories of petroleum engineering as she earned her degree. Her first hands-on experience in the upstream petroleum field was at the Schlumberger Kemaman Supply Base in Malaysia, where she worked closely with drilling field engineers at the equipment base as well as on oil rigs. In 2002, she became an upstream petroleum analyst with Deloitte & Touche Petroleum Services Group, based in north and western Europe. In this role she was responsible for gathering data in order to build models predicting future developments in the oil industries in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany.

    In 2005, Ms. Ibru left the petroleum industry to work for Oceanic Bank International, first as head of the international banking group, and then as head of the project management office. In her first role she was responsible for travelling across central and west Africa, meeting with officials from central banks and private banks, and identifying opportunities for expansion. As head of the project management office, she worked with representatives of Mickinsey & Company managing over 30 projects and initiatives.

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