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Imperial College London’s Metal and Energy Finance (MSc) Course Struct

A dual citizen of Nigeria and Britain, Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru currently serves as a corporate financial analyst for the Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited in Nigeria. Prior to her current work, Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru completed the MSc Metals and Energy Finance course from Imperial College London with distinction in 2013.

Imperial College London is an institution of higher education that was formed in 1907 with the merger of the Royal College of Science, the Royal School of Mines, and the City & Guilds College. The school currently maintains a student body of 14,700 in addition to 8,000 staff members, and distributes over 6,000 degrees annually in the subjects of engineering, medicine, business, and science.

The Metal and Energy Finance degree (MSc) is one such degree offered by Imperial College. The MSc degree is designed to educate professionals so they can provide technical and financial appraisal of natural energy and mineral resources. An intensive one-year program, it is structured as a combination of formal classroom sessions as well as practice- and seminar-based sessions. Each of these sessions concentrates on a range of relevant focus areas such as cash flow modeling, mineral deposits, and accounting, among others. For additional information on the degree, visit

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