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Membership to the Royal School of Mines Association

Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru

An experienced petroleum industry executive who has held leadership positions with Destiny Dredgers International Ltd. and Oceanic Bank International, Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru now works as a corporate finance analyst for Midwestern Oil and Gas Limited in Nigeria. Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru is a graduate of Imperial College London, where she earned two master’s degrees. She remains a member of the college’s Royal School of Mines Association (RSMA).

RSMA membership is open to any student who attended the Royal School of Mines (RSM) for at least one year or has maintained involvement with the RSM in other capacities. Members gain access to a global network of mining professionals and receive the Imperial Engineer newsletter twice each year.
Additionally, RSMA invites its members to regular events, such as its Final Year BBQ and Annual Dinner. Applicants must complete an online form and commit to a yearly £15 contribution (approx. $19.50) to maintain membership in the RSMA.

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