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What is PRINCE2 Project Management?

Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru

Edesiri Onatejiroghene “Tejiro” Ibru is the executive director of Destiny Dredgers International Limited. An experienced project manager, Edesiri Onatejiroghene Ibru has achieved practitioner-level certification in PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments), a United Kingdom-based method of project management.

Created in 1989 by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, PRINCE2 has become the standard project management process used within the UK government. The PRINCE2 framework aims to deliver the why, when, and for whom in regard to organizational projects, while providing organizations with consistency in approach, controlled focus points, and regular progress reviews in relation to the original plan. PRINCE2 training covers such areas as how to manage a team and how to prioritize different projects, while simplifying project tasks by standardizing systems, languages, and procedures.

Because of its prominence in the UK, it has become popular in countries around the globe, including the United States, Germany, and South Africa. Certification can be achieved online or through a three-day classroom course.


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